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As I look back in hindsight to a research project that initiated me to design research, I still feel gutted about the breadth and freshness of the perspectives and understanding it can bring about.

Back in 2015, I joined a multidisciplinary team based in London, to carry out a speculative research project in collaboration by the Goldsmiths’ Interaction Research Studio and co-funded by Innovate UK, the UK’s Innovation Agency. With a small composite team and within design agency STBY… I got hands on an…

How can you get an understanding of your users when extensive field study or in person interviews are simply not viable?

During my recent speech at the Web Marketing Festival, I was asked: “how do you pull discovery phase off, when you have basically no budget, tight deadlines or poor management commitment?” I would add also: when a pandemic limits your field research!

My answer: follow your users’ trail on digital…

What the coronavirus and self-isolation are teaching me about collaboration, remote working and overcoming creative blocks.

Knowledge workers in Italy and in other Countries affected by coronavirus are adapting to new “extreme working conditions”. The bright side of being “isolated” in 20.20 is that technology is preventing our life from being completely disrupted. Actually, we can’t say anyone of us is ever completely isolated!

Technology can…

An awful lot has been said and written about disconnection and isolation in the digital age. But although the causes and potential impact of these social phenomena have been well-discussed, less covered is the array of potential solutions at hand. Paco’s new tool book is designed for action and change. It is both an account of our PARTY project and a practical manual for designers and facilitators. Read on!

Isolation seems a jarring concept in today’s global and digitalised world. On one hand, we can spot convergent movements which are fostered by technology and seem likely to eliminate distances among individuals, by creating new forms of aggregation which are aimed -more or less deliberately-at bringing people together.

On the…

Silvia Podestà

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